CompCPS-2012                   25 June 2012, Mexico City

The Third International Workshop on Computation in Cyber-Physical Systems

A cyber-physical system (CPS) is a system coherently combining computational and physical elements. The combination is expected to produce not only a pre-defined and pre-optimised coupling, but also a high degree of coordination within the system. An example is a smart grid which integrates advanced sensing technologies, control methods and embedded communications, in a complex network. Computation is inherently distributed within such a network, affecting optimal sensor placement, identification of bottlenecks and critical loads, optimal re-routing, monitoring and mitigation of cascading failures, etc.


The CPS build up on knowledge and practical experiences of embedded systems, sensor networks, multi-robot teams, modular/swarm robotics, amorphous computing, programmable materials, evolvable/adaptive hardware, etc., and yet forms a unique field. Previous workshops (CompCPS-2010 and CompCPS-2011 ) focused on distributed computation in CPS as well as machine learning aspects. We aim to continue these investigations, with an additional emphasis on complex networks. The following topics are of special interest: information dynamics, adaptive systems, guided self-organization, complex networks and their evolution, neural networks, etc.


Anyone interested in participating in the workshop is encouraged to submit a two-page extended abstract by June 1, 2012, by email to: cgg AT unam.mx . The 1-day workshop will include regular presentations (30 minutes each) based on the accepted abstracts, as well as invited presentations from:

It is expected that post-workshop publication of selected papers will follow in a special journal issue, jointly with selected papers from The 5th International Workshop on Guided Self-Organization (GSO-2012), to be held in Sydney on 26-28 September 2012.

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