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Expert Systems, Embedded Rule Processors

  • M. Lee, S. Balbo, C. Lindley, M. Prokopenko. Combining Rule-Based Knowledge Acquisition with Task-Oriented User Analysis for Dispersed, Embedded Expert Systems, in the proceedings of the Joint Pacific Asian Conference on Expert System / Singapore International Conference on Intelligent Systems (PACES/SPICIS'97), 1997.
  • Lindley, C., M. Prokopenko, M. Milosavljevich, D.-M. Zhang. A Rule Editor and Processing System for Manpower Planning and Scheduling, in the proceedings of the Workshop on Verification, Validation and Refinement of KBS (the Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, PRICAI'96), pp. 37-46, 1996.
  • Prokopenko, M., C. Lindley, V.R. Kumar. The Application of Reasoning about Action Techniques to Dispatch Management, in the proceedings of the 1st Australian Workshop on Commonsense Reasoning (the 8th Australian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, AI'95), pp. 74-88, 1995.

Autoregressive Models, Econometrics, Digital Signal Processing

  • Prokopenko, M. An Autoregressive Model Order Selection Based on Estimation of Pattern Residuals Interdependence, M.A. thesis, University of Missouri - Columbia, UMI, Ann Arbor, 1995.
  • Prokopenko M., A Computer-aided System for Application Programs Design based on PRIZ, MSc (Honours) Thesis, Azerbaijan Institute of Oil & Chemistry, School of Applied Mathematics, Baku, USSR., 1988.
  • Ter-Khachaturov A., Chernoguz N., A. Samedov, M. Prokopenko, Applying Instrumental Programming System PRIZ ES to Software Package Design for Statistical Data Analysis, VINITI, Baku, USSR., 1988.
  • Prokopenko M., Computer Simulation and Mathematical Modelling for Image Processing, the best paper award at the 39th Student Scientific and Technical Conference at the Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry, Baku, USSR, 1987.

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